Humane Animal Removal

Chimneys without Chimney Caps often invite unwelcome Critters. Sometimes the animals get excited. Accepting the invitation, they move right in. The unwanted guest usually ruin their welcome one way or another. Madd Hatter Chimney Sweep comes out and serves the Pest an eviction notice. Humane Animal Removal is then performed evicting them from the system.

Some homeowners procrastinate in calling Madd Hatter Chimney Sweep. During the period of procrastination, the homeowner begins to smell a foul odor and see many flies. The unwelcome guest has entered their last chimney, they croaked, kicked the bucket, for what ever reason their number was up. Like the old West, we can remove them Dead or Alive!Madd Hatter Chimney Sweep prefers them alive, but we will remove them either way.